I want to take this upwards to my boss. Please sum up what Prime does and its advantage over alternative products.

Prime gives you everything you need to prevent a data breach or data spill caused by disgruntled, negligent or careless employees.

Only Prime offers these five things:

  1. Scanning and monitoring of the specific sensitive data elements in your file. Why does this matter? In order to truly understand risk, you need to understand user behavior. Looking at file activity – as 99% of the tools on the market do – is insufficient. One file could have 1000s of data elements. When assessing risk, you need visibility into what’s in the file. Prime sees into your files, registers the data type, and assigns a risk score – based on what risk looks like for your business.
  2. 24/7 monitoring with proactive notifications of non-compliant or policy-violating behavior. Prime monitors interactions with every individual sensitive data element in your business systems and alerts you instantly when risky interactions with sensitive data or policy violations occur.
  3. Prime cuts down on false positives, focusing your team on critical areas of exposure at breakneck speed. Not all types of sensitive data carry an equal risk for every business. Prime is configurable and oriented around your specific business needs. It registers, scores and monitors specific data elements. It then ranks the biggest risks to your business. With clear indicators of risk levels, InfoSec teams more easily prioritize the most malicious threats to the least with confidence.
  4. Tracking at the data element level enables expedited investigations. Prime helps eliminate manual investigations. It automatically displays how a specific data element traveled from employee to employee over time – without you having to do anything manually. See how it got out of a secure environment, where it ended up, and every step in between.
  5. Prime’s data intelligence dashboard surfaces actionable intel – not post-mortem views. On your data intelligence dashboard, you’ll see risk levels by department and employee. You’ll also see how risk has changed over time. With your customizable view, you can also add employees deemed “risky” for closer monitoring.