I need to explain this to my boss. Please sum up Recon’s advantage over legacy tools.

Recon doesn’t just look at files – it finds and scans specific data elements within those files. Why does this matter? One file could have 1000s of data elements. When assessing risk, you need visibility into what’s in the file, as each element carries a specific risk level.


Recon focuses you on the most critical areas of exposure at breakneck speed. Not all types of sensitive data carry equal risk – that’s why we made Recon configurable. Recon finds and secures the sensitive data that’s most critical to your business. It not only finds specific data elements, it assigns each element a likelihood score. It then ranks risk according to sensitive data type, enabling your team to cut through the noise and focus on the real risks, faster.


Recon delivers scanning results up to 10x faster than alternatives. Our customers average ~50 GB per hour scan times. When it comes to preparing for an audit or responding to a security incident, every second counts. On the flip side, legacy technology is CPU hungry and takes weeks to months to scan your environment.


Recon delivers the fastest time to value. It installs in 5-minutes, runs on a single machine (virtual or physical), and requires little to no training.